• Google Purchases Photo/Video Storage App – Odysee
    [February 12, 2015] It was announced that Google acquired photo storage app Odysee. This app which automatically backs up photos and videos taken on smartphones will shut down on February 23rd.
  • Google Provides Users Look Inside Data Center
    [December 29, 2014] Google recently uploaded a video taking a look inside a Google data center (specifically one in South Carolina). This gives you a glimpse into one of the places that actually powers the services you use every day.
  • Unlimited Photo Storage Perk Coming To Amazon Prime
    [November 24, 2014] Amazon Prime members have a new perk to help justify the annual fee – free, unlimited photo storage in the Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • USB Security Measures Being Implemented By Google
    [October 24, 2014] Google announced a new way to enhance its 2-step verification security called Security Key, which works through a USB device.
  • US Government Gives Boost To Cloud Storage
    [September 29, 2014] For all the bad press that cloud storage has gotten in the wake of the recent celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, business is still booming. The consumer market for cloud storage hit record levels last year and is expected to grow further throughout the decade. Companies selling cloud storage for enterprise customers are expected to […]
  • New Enterprise Storage Service Zocalo Released By Amazon
    [September 5, 2014] Last month, Amazon introduced a new enterprise storage service called Amazon Zocalo. Until now, it has been in limited preview, but the company just announced its general availability.
  • Storage and Mobile Developer Options Coming To Amazon Web Services
    [July 18, 2014] Amazon just made a couple of Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcements, involving some new capabilities for mobile developers and a new enterprise storage and sharing service. The storage service is called Amazon Zocalo. Starting in limited preview today, Amazon describes it as a ” fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative […]
  • REVIEW: Zeospace Cloud-Based File Sharing
    [June 2, 2014] There are a lot of different cloud storage solutions available, from Dropbox to OneDrive, iCloud to Google Drive. Now, add a new competitor to the space, one that’s super-fast, easy and free: ZeoSpace. Our offices here at AskDaveTaylor are pretty typical, with Mac systems sharing the desk with Windows PC laptops, Win8 tablets stacked atop […]
  • OneDrive Users To Receive 1TB of Cloud Storage
    [May 2, 2014] Cloud storage isn’t quite as expensive as it used to be. It used to cost hundreds of dollars just to store a terabyte via cloud solutions. Now Microsoft is joining others in lowering the cost barrier to record lows.
  • New USB Flash Drive Connects Android Mobile Devices To PCs
    [April 7, 2014] We all have our own ways of getting files from one device to another. Whether it’s as high tech as the cloud or Google drives or just emailing it to ourselves, it’s ingrained to our routines. “The Three-Step Drag” is what Wired Magazine calls it: “First, you e-mail the file or upload it to a […]
  • New Pricing Plans Introduced For Google Drive
    [March 17, 2014] Google announced some new storage plans for Google Drive, saying it can now make them more affordable thanks to a number of recent infrastructure improvements.
  • Microsoft’s SkyDrive Rebranding Now Live
    [February 25, 2014] Last month, Microsoft announced the rebranding of cloud storage product SkyDrive to OneDrive. Today, the company rolled it out.
  • What is the Cloud? The Cloud, Simplified
    [February 3, 2014] Ever had anyone in your family ask you “what is the cloud”? You may hum and fumble a little and fish around a little to explain it… after all, we all work in the cloud these days but when you try to explain to a family member exactly how it works you may launch into […]
  • How do I get more space in Apple’s iCloud service?
    [January 13, 2014] I got a warning from iCloud on my Mac system that I was running out of space. I don’t know how that could happen, but how can I get more space or remove the stuff that’s cluttering up my account?
  • Cloud Storage Use Expected To Hit 685 Petabytes For Personal Users
    [December 16, 2013] In the past few years, the word “cloud” has become a buzzword for companies unsure of where their future markets are headed. Despite the word itself meaning whatever business want, the cloud storage industry has actually become a major tech segment – especially for the consumer market.
  • World’s Thinnest 2TB Hard Drive Introduced By Samsung
    [November 25, 2013] The 2.5-inch hard drive is the standard used by small laptops and other small computing devices. Even game consoles like the PS3 and upcoming PS4 use them. The only problem is that these devices can’t take advantage of 1.5TB and 2TB 2.5-inch drives because they’re too tall. Samsung is fixing all of that today.
  • Google Updates Google Slides For Drive
    [October 21, 2013] Many people probably find themselves frustrated by the recent struggle with PowerPoint and other Office programs, which now require a paid subscription for services that were once free and included on most computers. Students, like this writer, find particular stress and anxiety associated with this issue; nothing is quite so stressful and infuriating as tying […]
  • Loom Review — Seamless Photo management via Cloud!
    [September 9, 2013] Cloud storage is the future of managing digital content; mostly your photos and videos. While applications such as Flickr, Everpix, and Instagram have already been successful in getting their share of attention, device owners are still longing for more.
  • The Further Integration of Cloud Services
    [August 16, 2013] This is the start of other tech week on this blog. While the PaaS (platform as a service) market is currently smaller than both IaaS and SaaS segments of the cloud computing industry, Forrester says this technology could be one of the most important cloud-based services for businesses moving forward. In volume it will likely […]
  • Cloud Storage Options Expanded For Yandex.Disk
    [August 5, 2013] “Google of Russia” search engine Yandex is expanding the cloud storage options for users of its Yandex.Disk storage service. Yandex.Disk offers 20 GB of storage for free, but now users can add on 10 GB, 100GB, and 1 TB packages for an extra fee.
  • NTFS Format USB Flash Drive on Windows 8, Size = 200MB?
    [July 15, 2013] This is bizarre. I needed to reformat my USB Flash Drive so that it was in NTFS format so I could grab an ISO image of the new Microsoft Windows 8.1 and while I figured out how to get to the format program, when I reformatted my 16GB flash drive to the needed format, it […]
  • 18 More Languages Added To Google Drive
    [June 21, 2013] Google announced that it is launching Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) in eighteen new languages. These include:
  • New Photo-Rich Interface, Terabyte Of Storage Offered By Flickr
    [May 28, 2013] Just one day after Yahoo announced that former Googler Marissa Mayer would be taking the reigns as the new CEO, the internet rose up with its first request: Please make Flickr awesome again. Ever since Yahoo acquired the photo-sharing service back in 2005, users have dropped off and the quality of the experience has gone […]
  • Google Merges Storage For Gmail, Google+ And Drive
    [May 14, 2013] If you’re like me, you’ve probably already used up most of the free 5GB Google provides to Google Drive users. You may even be thinking about upgrading. You might want to hold off on that as Google is about to upgrade everybody for free.
  • File too big error copying to USB flash drive on my Mac?
    [April 29, 2013] I’m baffled. I have a 16GB Kingston USB flash drive that I use on my Mac system and I’m trying to copy a 5GB file onto it. It’s empty. But I keep getting the error “can’t be copied because it’s too large”. What’s wrong and how do I fix it?